Friday, May 20, 2005

We have Nothing to Apologise For.

Victor D. Hanson has a great column on the Koran Riots.

Some Western intellectuals, I think, need a bin Laden to illustrate and confirm their nihilistic ideas about their own postmodern society, just as he needs them to explain why his culture's failure is not its own fault. So just as al Qaeda will always find an enabling Westerner to say, "You lashed out at us in frustration for your unfair treatment," so too a guilty Westerner will always find a compliant terrorist to boast, "Yes, we kill you for your sins." America was once a country that demolished Hitler and Tojo combined in less than four years and broke the nuclear Soviet Union — and now frets and whines that a few thousand deranged fascists want an apology.

Sucks to be Saddam


I have no sympathy for his plight. He's lucky he wasn't drug through the street and hung from a lamp post like Mussolini. He deserves humiliation.

UPDATE: Powerline has more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Islamic Fascists are Responsible

Militant Islam is responsible for the actions in response to any defiling of the Koran. Did Christians riot and commit murder and mayhem when Serrano's Piss Christ was unveiled? Did they torch buldings and burn down movie theaters when The Last Temptation of Christ premiered? Was the NY Museum of Modern Art vandalised and their docents killed when a painting of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung was showcased?

A Big Fat NO is the answer.

So why is Newsweek the center of the discussion concerning Muslim reaction to a book getting thrown into a toilet? When a religion is so intolerant of insult that its practitioners become enraged mobs, one is led to question the religion itself.

This is ESPECIALLY so in regard to politically correct notions requiring extra sensitivity towards Islam that are completely absent in how Christianity and the actions of Christians are treated in the popular culture influenced by the left and their partisan MSM water carriers. When a militant Christian kills an abortion doctor, he is to be arrested, prosecuted, denounced and the motives of other Christians are to be questioned and calls for the FBI to investigate conservative Christian organizations are made. But when Islamic militants fly airplanes into buildings and kill 3000+ people, we are told that we need to understand their rage, that the chickens have come home to roost, that the USA needs to be more like Europeans nations and that we must be extra sensitive towards Muslims and we must take care not to insult their religion, despite their bigoted attitudes towards women, gays, Jews and "infidels".

Well, screw THAT! Islam needs to held to account and its practitioners need to be held to civilized WESTERN standards of behavior.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Religious Desecration

Funny thing about NEWSWEEKS fake but accurate story about Koran desecration. Besides the obviously partizan bias of Isikoffs hit peice on the military and, by extension, President Bush, what is missing is any counter example of the desecration of non-majority religions by Muslims in Muslim dominant countries. Moonbat Central has good commentary on it.

In Asia many Hindu and Buddhist shrines have been vandalized or destroyed by Moslems; Moslems also have a long history of seizing the churches and holy sites of other religions and converting these into mosques. Strange how few of the media airheads who were expressing their rage over Toiletgate never got around to commenting on any of these facts.

Much is made of "extremists highjacking a peaceful religion" when criticism is made of modern Islam. The fact of the matter is that people in mainstream Muslim nations regularly desecrate what other religions consider sacred, often violently and with the intent of driving out non-Islamic peoples and cultures.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Added a Site Meter

We'll just see how few views I get. heh.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rest in Peace

Col David Hackworth has passed on. I didn't always agree with him, but I sure did respect him.

Will they beat the drum slowly?
Will they play the pipes lowly?
Will they fire the guns o'er ye
When they lower ye down?
Will the trumpet play one final chorus?
Will the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

NYT Smear

Bob Herbert of the NYT has a column where he presents a Conscientious Objectors word as final. Trouble is, I was there too and closer to the action than Aidan Delgado the mechanic.

The compound where the riot took place, compound 8, was run by my Company, the 870th MP Co. The riot also was an escape attempt. It wasn't just a few stone throwers; the sky was black with throw debris, which effectively suppressed the compound towers from their overwatch duties. The stones being thrown represented a deadly force threat. Some of them were head size. It was only when the riot became a danger of a serious breakout attempt and less than lethal force(rubber shot from M203 and rubber point munitions from 12 GA shotguns) had been applied to no effect was the request for deadly force made. When permission was granted, two soldiers fired on the ring leaders. 3 were killed outright, ending the riot immediately. One more died later and 12 more were wounded. I know both of the soldiers who fired; they are good people and only did what they had to do to keep others from further harm. Given that one of the soldiers was using a M249, it could have been a bloodbath. Both soldiers showed remarkable restraint in picking their targets and only using necesarry force. There was a AR 15-6 investigation and CID also investigated. The shootings were found to be justified and both soldiers were decorated for their actions.

This Delgado guy was a mechanic; he was no where near those compounds. I also highly doubt he "confronted" the SGT who fired; he wouldn't have even known who he was. Different unit, not working anywhere near the compounds.

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