Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cox and Forkum Nail CAIR

More on Mr Quaissi of Abu Ghuraib Fame

Quaissi is lucky he wasn't shot or otherwise killed by one of the families of someone he sent to be killed or tortured. He's a Baathist and he belonged behind bars and probably still does. He is using the Abu Ghuraib scandal as propaganda and this reporter is obviously an activist.

When Your Sources Are Leftists...

of COURSE your going to get false information. The sky is blue too. nuff said.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Aiden Delgado Redux

Marooned in Marin has an alert about a Not in Our Name/Code Pinko etc moonbat rally. I took on the false claims of one Aiden Delgado, Communist dupe and toast of the pro-terrorist "peace" movement back in May 2005 when Bob Herbert of the NY Slimes ran a gushing column praising his agitprop. He is going to be appearing at a Marin County political fundraiser for an Oakland politician. It will be the usual anti-military garbage from the left.
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