Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gloria Steinem: Women Are Never Front-Runners

Nevermind that Hillary! has been the Democrat Party frontrunner for a year or more. Might Hillarys! plunge be a result of her inept caompaigning and her obvious phoniness; planting questioners posing as "undecided voters" who are actual supporters? Not mentioned by Gloria.

Steinems whine piece shows the worst of identity politics and a very immature attitude. There's nothing said about actual QUALIFICATIONS, except possession of a vagina being superior to being black. It's Hillarys! TURN, like we all wait in line for a chance at public office and , once we get close enough it's doled out like a welfare check or food stamps. Steinem is on crack if she thinks being First Lady is a qualification for anything other than picking out china patterns.


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