Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Civil Rights Upheld for San Francisco Citizens

The City of San Francisco lost their appeal to ban handguns in a State Appeals Court today. Leftwingers and the SF City council need to quit crapping on the civil rights of their citizens and respect the law.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gloria Steinem: Women Are Never Front-Runners

Nevermind that Hillary! has been the Democrat Party frontrunner for a year or more. Might Hillarys! plunge be a result of her inept caompaigning and her obvious phoniness; planting questioners posing as "undecided voters" who are actual supporters? Not mentioned by Gloria.

Steinems whine piece shows the worst of identity politics and a very immature attitude. There's nothing said about actual QUALIFICATIONS, except possession of a vagina being superior to being black. It's Hillarys! TURN, like we all wait in line for a chance at public office and , once we get close enough it's doled out like a welfare check or food stamps. Steinem is on crack if she thinks being First Lady is a qualification for anything other than picking out china patterns.

An Indian Car going for $2500.00

Bodatious TATA's.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa Evangelicals Repudiate Conservatism

The rise of Huckabee has confirmed one of my nagging doubts about Evangelicals commitment to conservative principles, once you get past the to right to life issue. The Iowa caucus shows that they will jettison all other conservative principles to support a Christian Socialist like Huckabee. The Jesus-Uber-Alles crowd maybe devout, but they aren't conservatives if Huckabee is who they think should be President. But, winning Iowa does not guarantee anything; Bush lost Iowa in 2004.

Also, seeing as how Iowa has gone Democrat the last few Presidential elections, this may be a blip rather than a harbinger.

The Dumbass Family Goes To Jail

So, a Mall in Wellington, Florida has banned people attired in the stupidly fashionable baggypants showing my ass look, as they figure, correctly, that no one wants to see another persons ass. So, this moron gets 86ed from a Mall, which is private property, for not having his pants on properly and told not to come back. So, he comes back and is arrested for trespassing. Duh. What part of "Don't come back" doesn't this dude get?

But wait, there's more. His dumbass family, being dumbasses, come down to protest his arrest and assault the police arresting their idiot progeny. As a result, they all go downtown for a stay at the crossbar hotel.

Maybe they can plead 'Not Guilty Due To Retardation".
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