Tuesday, April 17, 2007

V-TECH Shooting Aftermath

The Virginia Tech Shooting will cause those who argue that the War on Terror has resulted in onerous restrictions on usually unnamed civil liberties to call for onerous restrictions, or doing away with outright, the specific 2nd Amendment civil liberty of firearms ownership.

They will ask: Does this not point out the need for more restrictions on firearms ownership?.

They need to understand that V-Tech is a "gun free" campus, which guaranteed that the shooter would not face armed resistance. Not to bag on the cops, but notice that they didn't protect anybody as much as drag the dead and wounded out for the ambulances. The shooter took himself out. What if certain teachers or other responsible persons were armed on campus, besides the Campus police? If the Campus Police are not or cannot be effective in such situations, why are they there?

I will always maintain that self protection is the best protection. Firearm restrictions only disarm the law abiding and make easy victims for predators.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Overtaken by the Borgoogle

I was trying to post on other blogs just a bit ago and my password wouldn't take. (Try posting things on your OWN Blog, jackass!)I panicked, thinking I had been keylogged, but it turns out the solution was to register a Google account to get to my blog.

Resistance was futile.
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