Monday, May 16, 2005

Religious Desecration

Funny thing about NEWSWEEKS fake but accurate story about Koran desecration. Besides the obviously partizan bias of Isikoffs hit peice on the military and, by extension, President Bush, what is missing is any counter example of the desecration of non-majority religions by Muslims in Muslim dominant countries. Moonbat Central has good commentary on it.

In Asia many Hindu and Buddhist shrines have been vandalized or destroyed by Moslems; Moslems also have a long history of seizing the churches and holy sites of other religions and converting these into mosques. Strange how few of the media airheads who were expressing their rage over Toiletgate never got around to commenting on any of these facts.

Much is made of "extremists highjacking a peaceful religion" when criticism is made of modern Islam. The fact of the matter is that people in mainstream Muslim nations regularly desecrate what other religions consider sacred, often violently and with the intent of driving out non-Islamic peoples and cultures.


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