Friday, January 21, 2005

The Religion of Hate

LGF has this on their site.

The fact of the matter is that the cultures that are majority Muslim countries are often quite brutal. When I was in Karbala, Iraq, we dealt regularly with the "Hawzah"; the local Shia Religious Police, who were run by Muqtada Al Sadr, the radical anti-American son of the late Grand Ayatolla Sadr. Sadr is in bed with Iran and used the local Mosques and Shrines to store weapons and operations posts. They would bring "offenders" down to the police station, usually beaten, for crimes such as petty theft, selling booze, kissing in public, unauthorized dating often without any evidence. Due to their lack of true civil authority granted by law, they operated on a tolerated basis because Muqtada Sadrs ability to roust up a mob and his ability to keep the peace, when it suited him. Eventually, their excesses were recognized for what they were and they became outlawed and we began arresting them. We also took into protective custody young women who had been threatened with death from their own families for dating the wrong guy or kissing in a mosque.

When we left Karbala, there was an uneasy truce between Coalition Forces and Al Sadr. The Battalion CDR of the unit that replaced us attempted to disarm some of Sadrs armed thugs outside the peaceful Shrine and was killed along with a Staff Sergeant in a firefight two weeks after we left. hmm that just kinda came out...

Anyway, this kind of brutality is everyday living over there. Its basis is, unfortunately, Islamic. Until that religion undergoes some MAJOR reforms, it will continue to foster racism and death.

I will finish with the LGF end quote: "Imagine what the reaction would be if a major Christian ritual involved fantasizing about killing world leaders by throwing rocks at them."


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