Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Something New....

...At least for me, that is. Welcome to my completely unknown brand new shiney Blog. Its like having a brand new car in your garage that no one can see or will likely see.

Some back ground on myself up front here (I'll make a bio and other good stuff as soon as I figure out how): I am a lifer in the US Army, currently a senior NCO working full time in the California Army National Guard. I have been deployed twice since 9/11; once stateside and a tour in Iraq. There'll be more on that as this experiment unfolds. My hobbies and interests have been writing, music, modern warfare, computers/computer gaming, history, politics and political discussion. I am a charter member of the VRWC opposed to the mindless, reactionary Leftism that has made the Long March on our cultural institutions and my views will reflect this as time goes on. I will also be learning from fellow readers as I post up whatever interests me. Fun times as who knows what this blog will become if it doesnt die due to my time being eaten up by Life. We shall see...


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