Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rathergate Stuff

WaPo: 10 Errors about Memogate in One Paragraph has a great fisking of the farce of defending the Rathergate Bush AWOL story in the Washington Post that is artfully weasel-ish in its construction. Point # 14 of the WAPO paragraph is the only thing with which I disagree; Conservatives, or anyone else interested in truth and accuracy WERE handed a weapon, in fact a LOADED weapon, in that CBS news did their fact check, disregarded their experts, lied about what their experts said and ran the story anyway. Going with that fraud of a story is like a 7 point buck walking up to a hunter during deer season with a "SHOOT ME HERE" sign duct taped to his head and handing the hunter a loaded rifle; they were ASKING for a virtual beatdown. There was no need for Karl Rove whatsoever. I think Dan Rather was crying for help in his addiction to leftwing nonsense like the Bush AWOL story.

Despite the MSM mining all of 1LT Bushes attendance/pay records, dental files etc, there's is no proof whatsoever of him being AWOL. In fact, Bushes records refute the AWOL charge in and of themselves, as his Commander would have to list him as AWOL on the attendance records for that to be so. Having spent 20+ years dealing with such attendance records and actual-for-real AWOL charges gives me confidance in my statements here. The forged memos are a red herring because, even if they weren't forged, they still do not support a charge of AWOL. The only official document that could support that charge are the pay and attendance records and a charge sheet; the former refutes the charge outright while the latter doesn't exist because it never happened. And no, unsubstantiated accusations by leftist malcontents do not constitute "proof". 1LT Bush missed some drills and his commander allowed him to make them up, which is the CO's prerogative. Case Closed.

The loopy, illiterate "perfessor" who posted his rantings on the blog is damn near self-parody; a Poster Child for doing away with tenure in our Universities. Such knuckleheads don't need to be spreading their ignorance and hate to our children.


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