Friday, January 07, 2005

Mudville Gets It Right

Having been at Abu Ghuraib during the time period of the abuses, it's good to finally see someone who wasn't there get it straight. As much as I like Andrew Sullivan, his panties tend to knot too swiftly to take his views on this seriously. He also makes the same mistake the MSM makes in trying to tie it all to Bush/Rumsfeld, when, as someone who was THERE, I know that there were NO such orders, nor were legal memos from the White House legal councils office distributed to our chain of command. We heard about these acts when the CID came down, investigated and arrested the clowns involved. NO ONE in the CIC knew what was going down in the wee hours at that place.
The ensueing media circus, which was aided and abetted by Fredricksons lawyers attempting to try the case in the press by blaming his superiors and trying to pin it on Bush/Rumsfeld was nothing more than a political hit. Fredricksons guilty plea shows the veracity of that; but the damage was done with a press eager to find anything in order to bring down the administration.

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