Monday, February 28, 2005

Chomskian Leftism

I've been involved in a running word battle over at the Anti-Chomsky Blog. The obtuse arrogance of leftists is never better on display than the comments left by Chomskys orcs. They automatically charge that since conseratives oppose the leftist drivel put forth by Chomsky that we are FOR certain oppression such as past support to Pinochet and our current support of Saudi Arabia. No where have I ever said I support any repressive regimes. In fact, I was very happy to take part in freeing Iraq from Saddam as it sent a message to the rest of the ME regarding their need for reform, both religiously and politically. Some will get the carrot, some will get the stick and some may change from within.

It is true that the cold war dynamic was an extension of the type practised in WW2. The bext example is Churchill's saying that he would make a deal with the devil himself to defeat Hitler. That the USA used realpolitik policies of the cold war era and supported right wing dictatorships opposed to Communism is no justification for Marxist inspired brutality whatsoever. In fact, the lesson to be drawn from that is that supporting dictators will come back to bite us, with the most glaring example of post WW2 US policy in the Middle East. I find it heartening that conservative leaders, led by President Bush, have actually learned from this lesson and are committed to change for the better in dictatorial regimes which the US formerly supported towards anti-Communist ends.

In contrast, the left end of the spectrum has gone through no such change of heart or policy. Instead they continue to indulge in excusing and justifying the ongoing brutility and repression of the remaining Communist regimes(Cuba, China and Vietnam)and resurgent police state socialists like Chiles' Hugo Chavez. They have even gone to more of an extreme in their support and finding common cause with the various Islamofascist deathcult movements we are currently fighting simply because these groups are attacking "western Imperialism". Hence we get the "freedom fighter" moral equivalence drivel all over again, seemlessly shifted from the USSR, Castro, Che, etc. to Osama Bin Laden, Zarqari, the PLO, Hezzbollah, etc. while ignoring and denying the real totalitarianism that such movements represent. But, then again, the left has never been for what they claim to represent; freedom, democracy and individualism.


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