Friday, December 07, 2007

The NIE and the Politicized CIA

Much has already been said and written about the covert intel war of the CIA against the Bush administrations policies. What I haven'e seen is a solution to the problem in the long term.

To solve the problem, I think that you need to look at how the CIA came to be.

The OSS was created in WW2, using military, former military and other intel types and had a distinctly military culture and mission. It was a huge success and led to the establishment of the Special Operations Forces in the Military, which usually were disbanded when conflicts ended. JFK made SOF permanent and at the time, they worked closely with the CIA on various and sundry missions and operations in the 60s and 70s. After the Cold War ended, the CIA was cut back and the operational arm fell into disarray, while the intel arm maintained and expanded its personnel, Alot of the beurocracy has been hired out of our "eleite" schools, going back to the OSS.

But, the "elite" schools have been hopelessly mired in anti-American advocacy and instruction as the 60s radicals entrenched in universities throughout America, proving Communist radical Gramsci's theory of gaining control of educational institutions in order to advance Communisms goals in a slow "boil the toad by gradually increasing the heat" method. In intel terms, the Universities have been compromised. Their loyalties of the faculty and some of their graduates, quite frankly, are suspect.

What I think the best practical solution would be to return to the selection of personnel from proven loyal institutions such as the Military to draw personnel from the ranks. One doesn't need a degree in Poli-Sci or "international relations" to be a good analyst. They could continue to draw operatives from the SOF community and look to the Military Intel community for their analysts. To some extent, the civilian law enforcement community could be tapped for both.

Bottom line: The CIA needs to return to its roots in order to get rid of the type of partisan politics as seen in the Valerie Plame bullshit artistry and the most recent NIE report, which has no real merit, other than another hit piece on W, and return it to its primary mission, to develope good intelligence in order to carry out the orders of the duly elected Government they have sworn to serve.


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